So-lowest Danmal

I’ve found another pilot that pretends to be a soloist and this time I have an outlet to share it with.

I was making my way back to gul after a couple of days flying around the ring in my arbitrator. Nothing but clear Skies. I had made  ten jumps through lowsec without seeing anyone at all.

A few jumps from my destination I come to rest on a gate with a stabber. He looks like he wants the fight, so I jump through to the other side, standard operating procedure for fighting on gates. He comes through too and I allign to the outgate. He eagerly takes the fight, locking me up and establishing a close orbit, probably expecting tracking disruption. I respond in kind and launch my drones.  The fight is very one sided, me tearing his buffer shield tank apart tick by tick, and he is unable to break my xlasb reps. Soon he is in deep armor when a gang jumps through the gate. To my surprise, he pulls range under web and scram, excaping my point. I’m left on the gate, too far off to make it back through, holding the bag, waiting for my inevitable demise. I try to take down the interceptor before I go, but never seem to be that lucky.

I call out to the stabber pilot, good fight! I was thinking I just got unlucky. The stabber was just quicker on the gass than I was when the blob hit, sparing himself from my same fate.

I logged off satisfied that I had found a good fight. I did what I always do before bed, check the killboards to try and lean more about my advisory.  Much to my surprise and amazement, he regularly works with that blob!  Even got a few more kills with them that night?!

The part that gets me, is even after the fight, and he good fights exchanged, and the gang has left, he hung around and we had a long convo about the fight. He was playin the part I had assigned him well.. Fellow soloist dodging the meta.

Tonight I coin a new word

So-lowest – capsuler whom pretends to be alone in order to bait you into a trap even though his ship is equal or better than your own.  

Heh.. If these guys would just fight you themselves, they may win.  And the rush that victory in this way brings us forever lost to them, and honestly only bloats my ego. 

Mr. Danmal, it took ten of you to beat me. I win.


My first ransomĀ 

Faught a guy in a ishkur with my coecer (no i cant be assed to look up how to spell the names.. its 6 in the morning here). Fight went great! I was killing him until my guns went from 40% damaged to dead in one cycle.
I called out good fight in local before i went down, and he cut me loose with 3% structure.. 
At this point i feel like a lousy pirate and a shitty CEO.. Mercy? to a fucking pirate are your serious!?

I went home, tail tucked between my legs. licked my wounds clean and went out for some more.
Dramial on D-scan.. I try to remember the engagement range of the dram, and measure its ability against my ship.. Finding the risk level to be “are you fucking stupid dont do it” I did what any good R1fta pilot would do.

First thing i notice, is its the same guy. Second, He is in my optimal! Great!
I engage the dram, and while trying to lower my transversal through looking at his ship and manualy piloting mine, I loose track of mod heat again… guns down, scram down, web down… SHIT!
I call out good fight in local.
Im suprised he stops fireing yet again!? 
Curse the stars… spared again.. god damn it..
… wait… “thanks for sparing my ship”… “I cant believe you let me go”… Whats this guy on about?
“Approx cost of my shp and fitting”… what? what tha… (wallet flasing) 
I check my wallet.. 75million deposited…
Shit fire! My first ransome! purely accidental!
Ill take it Smiley

Sent him a mail claiming pirate honor reclaimed for letting me go before yada yada yada.
Pirates recongized as being the coolest group in eve as stated by him.

Darth Terona making pirates everywhere look good through Derps.
R1fta wins Smiley


Mission statement “Hotdogg”

So I’m Darth Terona, leader of The Black Rebel Rifter Club in a game called eve online

We’re solo pvp enthusiest and described by most as lowsec pirates.  I don’t know how I came to find myself as leader of this band of misfits, but I carry the title with humility, charges with restoring R1fta to its former glory days..  

As time passes, and I do more research into what R1fta was. I realize we will never be what we where again. The entire meta of lowsec has changed since R1fra was formed and found their fame. The quest for good fights replaced in the masses for the quest for killboard supremacy. The current killboard crusade has effects that spread far and wide, like a plague, and the symptoms not even I have excaped. But I am trying.  Where the old school was formed on good fights, and relationships where built on the knowledge you can engage a R1fter anywhere and he is a lone warrior, without dirty tricks such as links, bait, and cynos, this was considered a streignth. In today’s lowsec, it is considered by most a weakness. A weakness that would see us crushed if it where deemed worth anyone’s time. 

But we will hold fast onto the old ways. It makes us smarter, stronger, faster than our advisaries.  We are the wolves of lowsec that used to have free reign over all in our domain (solo pvpest), now we are the hunted. Our hunter, the ever changing lowsec meta, is relentless. He hunts us with blobs, gate camps, pipe bombs, cynos, and even sometimes presents himself as one of us, a solo pvper who turns out to have been bait for a trap, or has links in local.

Dispite this new meta, we still undock. We still find good fights, we still feed and flourish. I believe with my whole heart, we have it a lot rougher nowadays. But we are stronger because of it.  This change will see a new R1fta born. Born of the old school, rocking it in the new world. 

And maybe we will inspire a new generation of good fights.

The Blood-Red Wolf

Darth Terona